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Increasing Income Through SEO Outsourcing

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As a marketing service provider, you know well that Google owns 65 to 70 percent of the search engine market. Being able to harness a fraction of that search traffic for your clients can be a lucrative additional source of income. You can resell SEO services, search engine optimization, to your existing clients so that they receive increased web traffic.

Using SEO reseller packages, you can control the amount of qualified traffic they receive from search engines. Search users click on organic links 70 percent of the time, but your clients may not have the benefit of those clicks if there site is not represented. With a consistent Seo campaign in place, you can positively affect their search engine results so that they are in top positions for associated keywords or phrases.

Finding the right provider to resell SEO services from can be tricky without a little preliminary research. Since there are so many potential Seo programs available, it helps to do a little analysis on third party review sites and industry related forums. These comments and reviews can help differentiate between content mills and providers that can accurately provide significant search results improvements.

One of the biggest factors that you may find in reviews, will be the customer service and technical support capabilities of firms that resell SEO services. As you narrow down your selection of SEO providers, you may want to contact the account managers and tech support departments directly. Their ability to troubleshoot minor issues and their flexibility in discussing account issues could reflect later performance.

As with any service, you should also use due diligence to understand the affiliate or commission relationship before you make a final decision. While some firms, may excel in various aspects of SEO, you want to insure that you use all of these criteria to determine which provider you choose to resell SEO services from as a means to increasing client traffic.


  1. Definitely the best marketing dollars we spent were related to SEO. And the magic is that you can resell it to all of your clients too.

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