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Three Packing Tips to Help You Load Your Portable Storage Pod!


If you have ever moved, you know how much of a struggle packing can be. The great thing about self storage pods is that you do not have to worry about a deadline and can do it on your own time, but then again, that still means you have to get it done. Whether you work with long distance movers or portable storage pods, you have to pack away everything eventually.

So if you are moving, here are three helpful pieces of advice that have always helped me pack.

1. Write a room to room list.

The job of packing can seem insurmountable. You have to somehow organize all of your possessions and put them away in boxes in some kind of logical order? Impossible.

Or not. They say that a thousand mile journey begins with a single step. In other words, start with just one room. Write a list of all the rooms in your home, and make categories for these rooms. Using this divide and conqueror strategy is sure to minimize the amount of stress you have packing your things.

2. Pack a Day One box.

Keep some things that you will want immediately on the first day in your new house. These could be things like deodorant, a phone charger, a laptop, whatever. These are the things that you feel like you cannot live without. Pack this box onto the trucks or the pods last, so that when you open the pods, it will be the first one out.

3. Do not pack boxes so heavy that you cannot lift them.

This might seem like common sense, but believe me, it is easier to fall into this trap than you think. When you pack and get your things ready for pods or tucks, you will see a box that is not all the way full and think that you cannot stuff it with more stuff and save some boxes and hassle. However, overpacking a box will make you do even more work in the long run, and you run the risk of the box ripping.

Hope these three tips to packing your things away on trucks and pods were helpful. If you have any other pieces of advice, feel free to share them!

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