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Do You Need Eyeglasses?


Did you know that almost 75 percent of Americans wear some form of corrective lenses? Arguably the most famous American and possibly the most talented American of all time, Benjamin Franklin, created the first pair of bifocals in 1784, which were for nearsighted and farsighted people.

Today there are millions of people who wear eyeglasses or various forms of eyewear. There are even specified doctors called optometrists who work specifically with eyes to help people see better and have no vision problems at all. Some people undergo corrective surgeries to make them see better.

The three most common refractive errors are called myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, or distorted vision, which can be caused by an irregularly curved cornea. On that note, nearly 64 percent of Americans wear eyeglasses to correct their vision. Optical problems are very common in the world, but with the use of corrective eyeglasses, you can see a lot better.

Nearly a third of the American population is nearsighted. As such, they have to use glasses for schoolwork, driving and other tasks or activities. Regardless of your eyesight problems, optical experts also suggest wearing sunglasses if you are doing activities outside. Exposure to prolonged sunlight can damage your eyes, and even if you have great vision, too much time in the sun can cause you to need eyeglasses. More info like this.


  1. I would think the number of people who wear glasses would be higher than 64 percent. I feel like a lot more people wear glasses than that.

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