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Trailer Rentals for Those in The Trucking Industry in Canada

Trailer leasing

The trucking industry is a huge $65 billion dollar industry in Canada. It accounts for about two thirds of the trade going back and forth between Canada and the United States. About 80 percent of all the exports from the U.S. to Canada is move by trucks. Trucking companies that cannot afford to buy a new trailer to transport goods in can take advantage of the trailer rentals that are available. An affordable trailer rental Vancouver is the best way to get set up to transport items between the U.S. and Canada until you can afford do start looking for trailer sales.

Commercial trailer services, leases and rentals are available. Dry van and refrigerated trailer leasing is a booming business in Canada and the U.S. today. Roadside assistance is also a service provided by those companies that service the trucking industry. One of the best refrigeration transport systems to use is the type that uses frozen carbon dioxide ice or liquid nitrogen for cooling. The exact type of refrigeration system the trucker needs depends on how far they are transporting goods.

The type of trailer rental Vancouver needed also depends on the type of goods being transported and weight. For instance, a class 5 trailer rental Vancouver is best for transporting goods with a GVWR of 16,001 to 19,500 pounds. Find out more about the subject of trailer rental Vancouver by calling a trailer sales and rental agency today.

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