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Pearl harbor tour

When you visit the Dole Plantation in Oahu, Hawaii, you will learn how James Dole founded the pineapple plantation, in the same spot that it stands today. The Dole plantation tour takes pride in showing tourists and local residents all about Hawaii’s agriculture through a hands on approach. The Dole plantation is the only existing pineapple plantation left in Oahu, so the Oahu tours give you a chance to experience it for yourself. When you board the train aptly named the “Pineapple Express,” you will have a chance to learn all about the history of this plantation, while the tour guide narrates the 20 minute ride. Also, be sure to see the Dole Garden after the Oahu Tours on the Pineapple Express, and take your whole family through the impressive Dole Maze, which is the largest maze sculpted using living plant life. All this and more can be found on one of the Oahu Tours in Oahu, Hawaii.

Learn a little about history on these Oahu tours, including the amazing fact that President George Washington grew pineapples on his Mount Vernon property. Also, did you know that Dwight D. Eisenhower approved the erection of the U.S.S. Arizona Memorial in 1958 after he helped win an Allied victory? The Uss arizona tours are also a fun tour to take with your family or tour group because you can learn about what happened that fateful day on Pearl Harbor in Hawaii, so it is a great history lesson for you and your entire group. Oahu tours are one of the best ways for you to learn about history and everything that makes Hawaii special. Find out how Hawaii was formed through an undersea mountain range called the Hawaiian Emperor seamount chain. This range was formed from an active volcano on top of the Earth’s mantle.

Learn how Oahu does not have any true meaning in Hawaiian when you take an Oahu tour in Hawaii. Also be sure to take the Pearl Harbor tour, the Uss missouri tour, and other Hawaii tours Oahu provides its tourists. You will have a lot of fun learning about Hawaii and the amazing history that has made it one of the most interesting states in the union today. When you book your Hawaii vacation, make the Oahu tours part of your vacation itinerary. You will want to take your whole family.

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