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DRTV and Infomercials Are The Bee’s Knees

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The Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania conducted a study on print versus video and found that a well produced video increases information retention and speeds up buying decisions by 72 percent over a printed brochure. Infomercials and DRTV are required to take a blended approach to media buying because of the wide range of things people do while watching TV; 42 percent are online, 29 percent are talking on cellphones or mobile devices, and 26 percent are texting or sending instant messages. News features are four times more credible than ads, according to a study conducted by the Columbia University School of Journalism, which makes a strong case for blended media strategies. A well cut, 10 minute video often has more than 200 edits, however, taking less time in the edit bay to cut a show can save thousands of dollars on the production cost.

These reasons are why people are turning to DRTV companies and infomercial production companies in order to capitalize on the effective practice of direct response production. DRTV companies specialize in driving sales and potential customers to a business location, website, or even to call in and order a product once a call to action is presented by a well done infomercial DRTV. If you are looking to inmprove your sales and fatten your profits, it might be well worth contacting an infomercial company who works hand in hand with DRTV companies in order to help get your business booming. Helpful info also found here.

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