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Award Winning Advisor and Professor Julio Pizzetti

Consultor politico

Julio Pizzetti is an award winning political advisor and professor on staff with the acredited educational institution, Interamerican P and G, which is dedicated to provide political training for students in latin America. This group offers seminarios de campañas políticas in Mexico, Columbia, Venezuela and also sometimes in Washington DC and Miami FL. Julio Pizzetti is one of the instructors. Courses in estrategias de campañas electorales teach traditional campaigning methods and new ones like using social media in campaigns. Estrategia y negociación política are also very helpful.

These days over half of the people in America use social sites where they can connect and share political views with others. Julio Pizzetti teaches upcoming candidates how to engage the public on social sites to increase their political popularity. Taking a curso de campaña electoral españa can help make you aware of the techniques that are used to increase your likes on social sites in order to gain measurable campaign results, such as more campaign donations, more votes and getting more people to volunteer on your campaign. Julio Pizzetti knows all about how to use social sites and other campaign techniques to increase the vote in your favor. In order to win, one needs an successful estrategia política.

Twitter now has a dedicated staff that works on political campaigns. They come up with political ads that they put on twitter and that is what their sole focus is. Julio Pizzetti is an expert on developing political ads. His company even helped Ronald Reagan to get elected. Julio Pizzetti and other members on the board work hard to help political candidates in Latin America get elected too. One of the most interesting facts about politics online is the fact that a reported 12 percent of all adult Americans confessed to getting their political views on Facebook by November 2012. That number was only at 6 percent in January of that year.

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