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Will Social Security Attorneys Make Sure All Documentation is Submitted for Your Claim?

Q: Can social security attorneys help assure that you fully demonstrate the need for disability insurance?

A: Yes, social security attorneys will assure that all the medical documentation and supporting evidence is submitted to give claims the best chance at being awarded benefits. The medical records and evidence provide the backbone for claims. Without strong supporting evidence and records, claimants cannot hope to be awarded benefits. Social Security determines eligibility based on claimants’ testimonies and the evidence provided to support them. And although there is no requirement for claimants to hire social security attorneys, attorneys can often more quickly and thoroughly obtain documentation and records. They also have the expertise and experience to trouble shoot and resolve issues that may arise during the review process. This will help eliminate delays and even denials.

Q: Do claimants who hire social security attorneys after they have already applied for benefits need to tell Social Security about it?

A: Yes, claimants who hire social security attorneys after they apply should contact the disability examiners assigned to their claims to let them know they have hired representation. One of the first things social security attorneys will do for new cases is to contact Social Security. But it is always wise to make sure the agency is aware of the change so that no deadlines are missed or issues left unresolved during the transition period. Attorneys will be the point of contact with Social Security from that point forward. Claimants should contact their attorneys for status updates, rather than Social Security, to avoid any confusion. Your attorney will go over the necessary steps to make the easy transition and will assure that everything is being done for your claim. If you have concerns about the process, be sure to ask your attorney.

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